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I have moderated several NIF forums, and believe the process is important, as it allows civil discussions about serious topics. The Issues Guides also allow for an informed discussion rather than simply trading 30 second sound bites.

I am also running for State Representative for the 55th Legislative District, the seat current held by Rep. Kathy Angerer. Rep. Angerer is finishing her third term and is term limited, so it will be an open seat to run for in 2010. I am a Republican.

My experience in business, finance, law and legislative support makes me ready to lead as your voice to improve the business climate to create jobs.

Have they heard us yet?

Are you one of the many people frustrated with the bank bailouts, huge budget deficits and government takeovers in Washington AND the budget gridlock and lack of leadership in Lansing? Are you tired of the partisan political games?
I will give us a voice!

I know how to get things done.

We need experienced, knowledgeable people in the legislature to meet our challenges. With term limits, we don’t have the luxury of electing someone who is going to have to learn on the job. I have worked with a legislature for three years, and served as an attorney in the Washington State Governor's Office for a year. And, with a lifetime of financial, legal, both public and private business management and leadership experience,
I can hit the ground running.

We must improve the state’s business climate to create jobs.

Innovation and entrepreneurship in small businesses will create jobs and grow our way out of the economic mess our state is in. Ranked 48th out of 50 is NOT acceptable!

Experienced and Knowledgeable

Michigan State University Graduate, 1970
Stanford Law School Graduate, 1978
Attorney, Washington State Legislature -1981-     1983
Attorney, WA Governor’s Office – 1983-84
Washington State Bar Association - 1978-97
Passed Michigan Bar Exam, 2009
Certified Financial Planner - 1984-1989
Private Business Manager – 15 Years
Public School Business Manager – 7 Years
Corn Grower Cooperative President
Agricultural Economist – 1970-1975

Washtenaw County Republican Executive Committee
Michigan native - a Yooper, who always seems to return to Michigan after sojourns away, like a boomerang.

Why My Experience is Important

Our current State Representative is one of 50 of the 110 State Representatives who are term limited and cannot run again. 31 of 38 State Senators are term limited, along with the Governor, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General. We will need people with the kind of experience I have who can be effective from day one, especially with the massive turnover in elected officials in Lansing.

I need your help to be able to represent you and be your voice.

Get to know me.

Visit my blog, Sharing Ideas for a Better Michigan

Thanks so much for visiting. Please share you ideas and concerns with me as we travel this campaign trail and beyond.

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